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About Me

My life’s passion lies in both creating and comedy.

The infectious sound of laughter emanating from an audience and the ability to craft engaging narratives that capture their attention and captivate their hearts fuel my drive. I possess a diverse skill set that spans social media management, film production, stand-up comedy, and podcasting. Notably, my YouTube channel “Ray Reacts to Everything” has achieved partner status, and I am currently in the process of launching a new channel entitled “The Anti-Influencer.”

My unwavering objective is to remain creative in all aspects of my work. While I have achieved significant success along this path, financial profitability has eluded me. Although working in film proved lucrative, the extended periods of absence from my loved ones proved untenable. Consequently, I have refocused my efforts on stand-up comedy, writing, podcasting, and managing my YouTube channels, which permit me to be present for my family.

My expertise in writing has been recognized with numerous accolades from diverse competitions, including two options and four sales of my scripts. I have also provided valuable script consulting services to other writers. Although screenwriting is my primary writing skill, the independent film industry has diminished in recent years.

Ultimately, my aspiration is to create content from the comfort of my home while concurrently touring when opportunities arise. I am also eager to host additional shows and podcasts, and radio is another possibility that intrigues me. I am confident in my broad skill set, adaptability, and ability to elevate any creative endeavor to the next level. While financial gain is not my primary motivation, earning a living while pursuing my passion and supporting my family would be the ultimate fulfillment.

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