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“Cobweb” – Creepy Cuts Movie Reviews

Cobweb” Captures the Creepypasta Feel While Having a Nice Twist! (SPOILERS)

Lionsgate Films“Cobweb”

I didn’t have any expectations for this film because I hadn’t heard a word about it before it showed up in my suggestions. When I sat down to watch it, I had a completely different idea of what the story was about. Nobody told me anything; I had just come up with my own assumptions based on the picture and the name of the flick. Boy, was I surprised when the movie started.

The creepiness was instant. The setting and dark tone of the movie were established from the very beginning. I found myself questioning the environment of the boy and his family before anything actually happened. To me, this is how you begin a movie. The house, the school, and the troubled lifestyle were all presented fairly quickly but in a misleading manner. You’re not quite sure who to blame, even when the mother is clearly portrayed as someone who isn’t mentally stable. Slowly, the movie builds suspense, causing you to suspect every new character you meet. Suspect them of what, you might ask? For whatever was about to happen. Throughout the movie, you always had that feeling, the sense that something was about to unravel this whole situation.

My mind jumped from person to person and back again. The family became more and more peculiar as the movie progressed. You go from thinking this is just a quirky family to realizing that they are definitely hiding something. What’s great about the buildup is that you genuinely have no clue about what’s happening and who’s pulling the strings. In just 88 minutes, the movie manages to pack in a lot and even throws in a twist that transitions the story from odd humans possibly doing strange things straight into the realm of the supernatural. Usually, films that attempt this kind of shift can break immersion and take you out of the movie, but this one executed it perfectly. You never see it coming.

Lionsgate Films“Cobweb”

The element of surprise and not knowing what to expect can greatly enhance the enjoyment of a movie. In modern cinema, trailers often reveal too much information, including key plot points, and this can indeed spoil the experience for the audience.

Returning to shorter, more enigmatic trailers that pique our curiosity without giving away the entire plot is a great idea. A well-crafted teaser can generate excitement and anticipation without spoiling the film’s surprises. It allows viewers to go into the movie with a sense of wonder and discovery, which can make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Preserving the element of surprise in movie marketing is something that many moviegoers and filmmakers would appreciate, as it keeps the magic of cinema alive.

The performances by all the talented actors were outstanding. The young boy, “Peter,” portrayed by Woody Norman (“Him,” “The Current War”), delivered a top-notch performance. He was incredibly believable and displayed significant character growth in a relatively short amount of time.

Lionsgate Films“Cobweb”

Lizzy Caplan, who played the role of “Carol,” the mother (“Cloverfield,” “Mean Girls”), was truly amazing. Her portrayal of the character was so well-executed that it left me quite taken aback by her demeanor. You could sense that something was off about her, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Lizzy put a tremendous amount of effort into the role, and it genuinely made me feel uncomfortable.

Anthony Starr, who portrayed the father, “Mark” (“The Boys,” “Outrageous Fortune”), added a chilling dimension to the story. Even though his screen time was relatively brief, he made a significant impact in each of his scenes and perfectly matched the mother’s energy. He was simultaneously terrifying and perplexing. It’s clear that Anthony Starr excels at playing a convincing antagonist; he truly knows how to portray a “bad guy.”

While there were other characters in the movie who served to advance the plot, such as the boys and Peter’s bully, I felt that the character of “Miss Devine,” played by Cleopatra Coleman (“Dopesick,” “Infinity Pool”), was somewhat insignificant. Her presence or absence wouldn’t have altered the overall story significantly.

This movie was great if you had no clue what it was about before seeing it. 8/10
Author – Ray Scanlon

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