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Creepy Cuts Podcast Has a New Home! i.e., Fear Has a New Home..

Photo Credit – Ahmed Adly

Creepy Cuts Podcast, your favorite podcast for scary stories, has finally found it’s home. As usual it will be available on all other platforms, but here is where you’ll get the most bang for you buck. Soon we will be setting up exclusives and perks for those who chose to be a part of the Creepy Cuts Family. Be on the lookout for blog posts, news and other entertaining things we have planned. If you would like to become a contributor then please feel free to head over to and be one of the first to help support the podcast and page.

At the home page you’ll find a link to both the Creepy Cuts Podcast Reddit Page as well as one for the Creepy Cuts Podcast Discord. Become part of the discussion and possibly the story. We encourage people to talk about each episode and what path they believe it might take or who is suspicious. This is a way for us to interact with our audience. We will be introducing new things as we move along on this journey, together. New stories, exclusive stories, book series and more..

Our email is always open as well as comments section on each page here at our website. or Welcome to the real dark side.

— Creepy Cuts Podcast Crew —
Raymond (Crazy Ray) Scanlon – Host, Writer & Producer
Joshua Howard – Resident Music Producer
Nick Esslinger – Technical Dude

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